Luck & Death Starts to Get Critical Praise

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Days to publication date: 43

So the campaign to launch Luck and Death at the Edge of the World has begun in earnest.

Critical Praise

The book has started to get some critical praise, which is awsome:

A great science fiction detective story featuring a classic noir detective, a fading super-star, a nymphomaniac, and an AI who channels Alan Turing, the father of computing, all set in a dystopian future that is familiar yet fascinatingly strange – what more could you want?”

– Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine: From the Dawn of Computing to Digital Consciousness

Luck and Death Free Sampler Edition

As I promised earlier, a free sampler is now also available, containing the prologue and the first three chapters.  You can get it here in whichever format you prefer:

Luck and Death Sampler (prologue + 3 chapters):  epub  | mobi | pdf

Getting the Project on its Feet

At the same time,  we’re in the process of building a web site to be able to deliver a professional product to readers, along with an enjoyable online experience.

I’m doing what many authors, filmmakers, and recording artists are doing these days: crowdfunding through IndieGoGo (like Kickstarter).  You can find the Luck and Death IndieGoGo page below, and I hope you’ll click through and test the waters.

IndieGoGo page – tell your friends!

With IndieGoGo, the person running the project offers various levels of perks and goodies in return for financial support.  These are not symbolic perks, like the tote bag you get for supporting your local public broadcaster, but real, totally-worth-the-money perks, usually including the project’s final product and various extras.

In the Luck and Death campgaign there are nine levels of support to choose from, starting at $5.00 contributions . At each level you get everything from the levels below, plus something new.

Plus, one funder at the $20.00 level or higher will be chosen at random for a free upgrade to Level 8, which means you get to name a character in the book.

Level 1 ($5.00) / Funder’s Edition of the Novel: this edition of the ebook is exclusively for funders and includes The Fictional Life of Alan Turing, a look at how Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, has lived on after death in works of fiction, including this one. It looks at work by science fiction superstars like Rudy Rucker, Greg Egan, and Harry Harrison and scientists-turned-author like Marvin Minsky and Janna Levin. If you enjoy science fiction the bonus material is almost sure to turn you on to a book or writer you haven’t encountered before that you’ll enjoy.

Level 2 ($10.00) Expanded Funder’s Edition: this includes the Alan Turing bonus material, but also includes Science and Fiction in Luck and Death, a look at some of the real-life science behind the story incuding present-day cybernetic technology .

Level 3  ($15.00) The Short Fiction:  these are two short stories set in the same world as Luck and Death, both to be issued as standalone ebooks for sale in 2012. The first, Felon and the Judas Kiss, is finished and will ship no later than August 2012.

Level 4 ($20.00) The Next Novel: The second Gat Burroughs novel is well under way. In the Empire of the Monkey King is scheduled for publication in 2013 and will be sent to you automatically on publication.

Remember, starting at Level 4 one funder will be chosen at random for a free upgrade to Level 8.

Level 5 ($35.00) Exclusive Art Package + Public Link: a graphic artist is creating unique desktop art and several one-of-a-kind avatars for use in the Luck and Death forum (or any online forum) that will be available exclusively to funders. You also get a personalized thank you message on the book’s web page and within the book itself, including a link (if you want) to your personal or business web page.

Level 6 ($50.00) Personalized Inscription + Microfiction Postcard: your ebook will have a message insrcibed to you by name (or to someone else if it’s a gift). Along with this you get a postcard in the mail with a microstory or micropoem that is just for you.

Level 7  ($75.00) Online Launch: this is an online launch event including chat that I will attend with invited funders.

Level 8  ($100.00) Your Own Piece of Immortality (Name a Character I): you get to name a character in the book.  You can name them after yourself or someone you know.  There are only 10 characters available at this level and it’s first come first served.

Level 9 ($250.00) A Whole Lotta Immortality (Name a Character II): at this level the characters are more substantial and there are only 5 available.

I’ve tried to make sure that there’s a level to suit everyone’s budget and that you get enough stuff at each level that everyone will be satisfied they got their money’s worth.

The Turing Tenner Showdown

Finally, for those of you with mad Photoshop skills, be sure to check out the competition on my Turing Centenary page — The Great Turing Tenner Showdown – for a chance to get a $20.00 package from the list above for free.

More Announcements Soon!

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