Luck & Death: Video Trailer Now Available

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Days to publication date: 42

When I decided to make a trailer for Luck and Death at the Edge of the World, I decided to do it by creating a miniature audiobook consisting of the first chapter of the novel.

I think an audio sample gives a far better sense of what the book is like than a story synopsis (and so does the free ebook sample, which contains three chapters, available in multiple formats on the Luck & Death page).

A great story idea can be butchered by a bad writer, but you won’t know it from a synopsis.

By the same token, a familiar story can give rise to a great new work.   West Side Story doesn’t lose anything by being derivative of Romeo and Juliet (which in turn was based on a number of earlier works in French and Italian).

I’m working on creating an audio download as well, for those of you who’d rather just load an mp3 onto your player, close your eyes, and listen.

The video is below.  And don’t forget to visit the IndieGoGo page to get your copy of the book and extra goodies!

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