Shameless Flattery Pays Off

Luck + Death at the Edge of the World — Click to preview it now!

Luck + Death at the Edge of the World — Click to preview it now!


The TL/DR Synopsis Nas is named non-fiction editor of International Speculative Fiction. Post includes links to (a) three free issues of ISF, (b) the ISF submission page.


In January I wrote a post called International Speculative Fiction Fricken’ Rocks–for Free!, saying all kinds of nice things about the free magazine.

First three issues of ISF

The first three issues of ISF. Issue #2, which includes my story Siren Songs in Deep Time, is at right.

Now all my fawning and exorbitant praise has paid off because editor-in-chief Roberto Mendes recently asked me to step in and fill a vacancy that has opened up at ISF as its non-fiction editor and I’ve accepted. My plan worked!

Of course, I’m joking. Sort of.

I would have been willing to lie about the quality of magazine in order to become an editor, but I frankly didn’t have to. The folks at ISF–of whom I am now proud to be one–made it unnecessary by publishing great work by top authors.

My willingness to engage in florid mendacity remains untapped.

What actually happened was this:

  • Roberto Mendes  solicited a story from me via the infamous time-suck of Facebook and then published it in Issue #2, causing me to actually discover the magazine and try reading it.
  • I thought it was excellent, though it needed a good copy editor, especially for its translated material. I happen to be a good copy editor over at I told Roberto about this and we reached an agreement and now provides copy editing and ePUB formatting services to ISF.
  • After I’d edited Issues #2 and #3 and the upcoming ISF Annual Anthology (I have yet to do the web site content), non-fiction editor Fábio Fernandes indicated that he wasn’t going to fill that role any more.
  • With Fábio on his way, Roberto–who had by then published my fiction, seen my editing, and been impressed by my awesome intellect–offered me the position. I accepted and here we are.
ISF article on pulp science fiction under totalitarian governments

An ISF article on pulp science fiction under totalitarian governments

ISF has an excellent track record in this department, with past articles like:

  • Fábio Fernandes on Brazilian science fiction (Issue #0)
  • Stanislaw Lem on Philip K. Dick (Issue #1), and 
  • Jess Nevins’ great article (pictured above), Pulp SciFi under German, Russian, Japanese and Spanish Totalitarism (Issue #3)

I am going to have to keep up. And to that end, I’m looking directly at you.

  • Do you have some secret bit of scholarship on the history of African science fiction tucked away somewhere?
  • Do you know someone whose prediliction for fantastic fiction from Japan is distracting them from their dissertation?
  • Was  your grandfather an underground publisher of horror-themed samizdat in the Soviet Union before it fell apart and do you possess his unpublished memoirs?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions–or if you or someone you know have produced some equally crazy bit of writing about speculative fiction that has an international flavour–then get the heck in touch!

I am now reading the first non-fiction submission I’ve received, but I want to see more, so have at it.

You can submit through the regular ISF channels (as found on the ISF submissions page) or directly to me at

Artwork on display in ISF #3

Artwork on display in ISF #3

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