Crowdfunding and Stargazing

The New Fallen World Book

The New Fallen World Book by Nas Hedron


The TL/DR Synopsis Planetary Resources meets $1 million Kickstarter fundraising goal for publicly accessible space telescope. Now trying for $2 million. Post includes links to (a) Kickstarter page, and (b) news item. Page also includes (c) ebedded video of announcement from Planetary Resources, (d) embedded video from Planetary Resources dubbed into Klingon.


I covered the launch of the (real, not fictional) asteroid mining company Planetary Resources on this page in a recent post called Firefly in the Asteroid Belt. For Real.  I also dealt with it on the home page for my story Siren Songs in Deep Time (look on the Bonus Material tab).

Now, Planetary Resources is back in the news (for instance, on Raw Story) as it hits the $1 million initial fundraising goal in its Kickstarter campaign to launch ARKYD, which they hope will become the first publicly accessible space telescope, bringing together crowdfunding and stargazing in one big happy mess.

They have now also announced their “stretch goals”–fundraising targets that go beyond their initial goal and that would fund additional components to ARKYD.

ARKYD Kickstarter Stretch Goals

ARKYD Kickstarter Stretch Goals


Here is the Planetary Resources project synopsis:

The ARKYD is a technologically advanced, orbiting space telescope that will be controlled by YOU, the crowd, through your pledges and community involvement! You can even direct your telescope time to non-profit science centers and universities for use in your communities!

Just think about the true impact of this endeavor for a moment.  Together we can provide access to technology that costs tens of millions of dollars into the hands of students, scientists and a new generation of explorers, who will use it in ways we can’t even fathom yet! 

At Planetary Resources, our primary focus is mining asteroids, and we’re pushing the boundaries of what is possible by vertically integrating and applying innovations from consumer-based industries. It’s our goal to reduce the cost of space observatories many times over, allowing anyone to access them for their own use. We want to empower the crowd to solve the big problems of our time — and this is the first step to making that a reality.


$1 Million Announcement


You can also hear Planetary Resources representatives discussing the project in Klingon.

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