A City is a Sound

I’ve honored halloween in a special way every year for the past five years with installments of my  decade-long art project, Ten Halloweens (which will run for another five years before it goes dark for good). Each year I released a freebie, usually an ebook or a musical track.

But this year I have something more ambitious to announce. The last two installments of Ten Halloweens featured tracks from upcoming albums. Well, they are upcoming no more.

I’m releasing four albums simultaneously today, and I’ll blog about each one in turn. All of them are now available on Bandcamp, and they’ll be rolled out gradually on other platforms.

Today’s topic is A City is a Sound, which is one of three albums in the Another Place series. Here’s the pitch:

A modern sound captures the retro spirit of the great American cities of the 1970s. From the bad old days of Times Square, through the rust belt, to the polyglot neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Sixteen tracks evoking the dirty, the arty, the shambolic, and the glorious.

Includes a 15-page illustrated digital booklet with enhanced period photographs. The booklet comes in two version, hi-res for use on computers, and a version optimized for portable devices.

From the liner notes:

A city is a sound, a particular oscillation,
A tone and a timbre
Shaped by the unique way that
The buildings in this town
Channel the air currents–
The gait with which these individual residents walk
Vibrating the earth just so.
A city is a waveform sculpted by the
Singular shape of its skyline,
Which tailors its harmonics,
Introduces interference, and
Anchors high, cutting tones
With deep, bass booms.

Here’s the title track.

And here are a few of the enhanced period images from the digital booklet that downloads with the album.




Next time: the album Alone in a Big Place.


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