Upcoming Album: Avant

My next album, Avant, will be released sometime this year.

The album is themed around avant garde artists, especially those of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, mostly dadaists and surrealists. The idea, though, is to explore beyond the traditional lineup of famous names to artists–mostly women and people of color–who are often neglected. So while Tzara and Duchamp and Dali will be there, so will Hannah Höch, Simone Yoyotte, and Zhao Xhou.

Musically, a project like this could fall into a kind of romantic nostalgia for a bygone time, but I’m staying away period sounds for the most part. Instead of portraying the era when the artists lived, what I want to do is evoke the energy with which they invented a new, modern world as they made their art–energy that still leaps out at you from the page or the canvas, from the plastic object or the built structure.

As much as I’m having fun writing the music, I’m enjoying the research at least as much. There are so many incredible artists whose work I either haven’t seen before, or have only experienced in a limited way–details to follow.

The current draft cover art is below.

AVANT cover

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