Avant: Final Album Art and Track Listing

The new album, Avant, is almost ready to launch.

The final track lineup is below. Each track is dedicated to, and celebrates, one avant garde artists, except for Leonora Carrington, who somehow managed to get two tracks all to herself.

  1. (3:03) Dada Dance (for Hannah Höch)
  2. (3:46) Eve (Welcome to Dream Land) (for Iwata Nakayama)
  3. (3:08) Une Fièvre Permanente (for Guillaume Apollinaire)
  4. (3:48) Fuel (for F.T. Marinetti)
  5. (4:05) Cathedral (It Is Moral If You Can Dance To It) (for Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven)
  6. (3:08) Every Page (for Tristan Tzara)
  7. (3:28) La Mariée (for Marcel Duchamp)
  8. (4:00) Opera (for Zhao Shou)
  9. (3:35) Ligne Bleu Clair (for Simone Yoyotte)
  10. (3:16) Sui Generis (for Claude Cahun)
  11. (3:02) HexenTexte (for Unica Zürn)
  12. (2:57) C’est L’extase (for Baya Mahieddine)
  13. (3:08) The Burning Giraffe (for Salvador Dalí)
  14. (3:27) Daughter of the Minotaur, Part I (A Slow Swamp Strut) (for Leonora Carrington)
  15. (3:02) Entre Tes Mots (for Jean-Joseph Rabéarivelo)
  16. (3:16) Le Flâneur Dans La Foule (for Charles Baudelaire)
  17. (3:01) Canção Do Canibal (for Oswalde de Andrade)
  18. (2:59) Daughter of the Minotaur, Part II (A Roadhouse Stomp) (for Leonora Carrington)
  19. (3:12) Piazza Shadows (for Giorgio de Chirico)
  20. (3:13) Ubu Dit Au Revoir (for Alfred Jarry)

The album art is also ready. The cover is below, with a sampling of the interior art below that.

AVANT cover 26 (small).jpg

Avant Booklet 01 The Art (only) sized 72PPI shamans

Avant Booklet 01 The Art (only) sized 72PPI umbrella man

Elephants for Artists Booklet 01 ruby


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