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A City is a Sound: The Video

The title track from A City is a Sound now has a video, which can be viewed on Youtube or on Vimeo.   Advertisements

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Creating Album Art for “A City is a Sound”

When I created the album art for A City is a Sound, I wanted to do the same thing visually that I was trying to do musically in the tracks: evoke the spirit of the great American cities of the … Continue reading

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Alone in a Big Place

In my last post, I talked about an album I just released called A City is a Sound. It’s one of a trilogy called Another Place, each album with a theme related to location (A City is a Sound, Alone … Continue reading

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A City is a Sound

I’ve honored halloween in a special way every year for the past five years with installments of my  decade-long art project, Ten Halloweens (which will run for another five years before it goes dark for good). Each year I released … Continue reading

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Zombies and Nazis and D-Day, Oh My!

The TL/DR Synopsis Synopsis: A new horror short fiction collection, Stille! Untoten!, includes my story “Les Poupeés Gris.” Links to: The book and the previous volume in the series. Some time ago I saw a call for submissions for a short story … Continue reading

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The Most Generous Book in the World

The TL/DR Synopsis Synopsis: Illustration and reviews for The Who, the What, and the When: 65 Artists Illustrate the Secret Sidekicks of History, which includes my text on Alan Turing and Christopher Morcom. Links to: The book, the illustrator’s site, reviews and … Continue reading

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The Ten Halloweens Project Turns Two Years Old

The TL/DR Synopsis Synopsis: The Ten Halloweens Project, a decade-long art project, is back with a second round of free stuff (plus another chance to get last year’s stuff).  Disappears at midnight, November 1, for another year. Links to: Ten Halloweens home page … Continue reading

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