Kobo is A-Go-Go!

“A Great science fiction detective story”

Ian Watson, author of The Universal Machine

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

NOW AVAILABLE for instant download! Click to find out more.

Things are in a constant state of flux in the world of ebooks, but I am making sure to keep up.

Until now my books have been available on Amazon in mobi format (without DRM of course).

Now that Kobo’s Writing Life has gone live, my books are available there as well, again without any DRM.

Luck and Death on Kobo's Writing Life

Luck and Death on Kobo’s Writing Life (click image to go to my books on Kobo)

To its credit, Kobo — with the motto “Read Freely” — serves up ebooks in epub format without trying to control what reader you use, so if you happen to prefer to use Stanza or iBooks or some other ereader that suits your particular tastes instead of Kobo’s own branded reader, have at it.

I only have two issues, both of which will likely be dealt with as the launch progresses:

First, for some bizarre reason, when I loaded the description of my novel Luck and Death at the Edge of the World into the system, it substituted the wrong letters in two spots. As a consequence, Ian Watson’s endorsement of the book refers to the protagonist as “a clazzic noir detective” rather than “classic.” It’s a small mistake, but I put a lot of work into making sure that the text of my book was copy edited to within an inch of its life and this screw-up makes it look like I’m careless about details. I’ve written to Kobo, I’ve got my ticket number for a fix, and we’ll see how that goes.

Second, the system doesn’t yet have an equivalent to the Amazon author page — a spot where you can gather together all your titles and include some biographical information, links to your tweets and blog posts, and so forth. That’s a useful feature of the Amazon syste that allows people who like one of your books to become aware that you have others (and I guess people who hate your book will know that there are some titles they might want to avoid).

The first issue is presumably just the result of a bug, while the second will likely disappear as the Kobo system matures.

In the meantime you can now get all my fiction in your pick of formats, always without DRM. You can find them live on Amazon in mobi, or you can get them as epub files on Kobo here:

Luck and Death at the Edge of the World

Felon and the Judas Kiss

Siren Songs in Deep Time

And be sure to check back here soon — the publication of The Virgin Birth of Sharks is just around the corner.

Felon on Kobo (click image to go to my books on Kobo)

Felon on Kobo (click image to go to my books on Kobo)

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