Album: Time

Time was one of four albums I released on Halloween 2017. The three others form a trilogy under the overall title of Another Place (the individual albums being A City is a Sound, Alone in a Big Place, and Out of Place).

Time is different, being the first album in a different musical stream, called Somniophony. The title is a play on the word symphony, which is derived from (among other sources) the Latin term symphonia, meaning a unity of sounds.

Somnios, in Latin, means dream, so a somniophony is a sound heard as if in a dream.

In terms of instrumentation, the Somniophony stream of albums is much more overtly synthesizer oriented than Another Place was. At its core, Time is an album built around the slick, artificial sounds of synthesizers and the throaty, voice-like sound of the cello–an unusual combination that I think works very well.

Time (large)

The album consists of eight tracks, six instrumental and two with spoken word vocals. You can hear the first track, “The Heart is a Timepiece,” below, and the album is available here (my entire catalogue is available here).

Time comes with a digital booklet, like all my albums, in this case including the lyrics for the two tracks that have them and a series of digital images.

The second album in the Somniophony stream will be Avant, which is due out later this year. The cover art is below, and you can find details about it here.

AVANT cover

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